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Bison Creek Firearms is a family owned business, specializing in equipping citizens for responsible gun ownership. We believe that firearms ownership is a privilege entrusted and insured to us by the United States Constitution. This privilege must be maintained through personal responsibility, therefore firearms owners should hold themselves up to a high standard of integrity. We have a responsibility to have a high moral standard, so that we will be respected as leaders in our communities - not associated with those who would commit criminal offenses, or do harm to another.

Whether you are a hunter, a competitive target shooter, or are looking for a personal defense gun, we are here to help. We work with multiple distributors, which are not accessible to the general public, so we are equipped to help individuals find the appropriate gun for their specific needs - at a reasonable price - with thousands of selections from which to choose. In spite of our large inventory, we pride ourselves in superior customer relations. Local customers should inquire about our "try it before you buy it" policy.

In the event that your firearm requires modification or repair, we offer quality gunsmith services. These services include troubleshooting, function testing, and repair of most handguns, shotguns, and rifles. In addition, we install accessories, handguards, and pistol grips, mount and bore-sight scopes, as well as customize and replace old stocks. Our specialty is building and customizing AR-15 style rifles.

At Bison Creek Firearms, we are committed to helping current and prospective gun owners through ongoing education and certification. We provide one-on-one instruction, as well as small classroom environments to help our clients become more comfortable and proficient shooters. We offer a range of classes from Gun Safety, to Marksmanship. ~Coming Soon~
We will be offering CHL (concealed carry) courses for Texas residents. We are dedicated to your success! Please contact us (or click here) for more information on classes, or individual training sessions.

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Bison Creek Firearms offers quality gunsmith services ranging from cleaning to custom building/modification of your guns. Todd is an experienced gunsmith with 20+ years of practical and professional involvement in the firearms industry.Whether your gun just needs a little TLC to restore its beauty and functionality, or you are looking for something that is custom built, and unique, we are equipped to handle it. We understand that your firearm is important to you...LEARN MORE

Because firearms possession is a right which carries a great amount of responsibility, we believe that owners should be well equipped to the proper usage and care of their guns. A person needs to know the capabilities and limitations of their particular firearm, in order to get the best return on their investment. We wouldn't recommend driving a car without...LEARN MORE

At Bison Creek Firearms we strive to provide our customers with the largest selection possible.  We maintain dealerships with several distributors in order to provide the right gun at the right price. Please click on the distributor link below to view the current selection. This will take you to the Bison Creek Firearms Dealer page. You may need to register...LEARN MORE

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